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This site and CD was made for those who love Renaissance Fairs, Cross Cultural Festivals, Irish Fests, Historical Reenactment, Heritage Celebrations, Bards New and Old, Balladeers, Troubadours, Teachers or Minstrels of Traditional Folk Music's, SCA and Ren Geeks, everywhere. An incredible collection of the MOST POPULAR ballads and shanty's of the British Isles: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Tunes people have loved for generations.

On this recording you'll hear original length versions of everything from Drunken Sailor to Danny Boy, Scarborough Faire to Greensleeves, plus the REAL Ancient African Lullaby version of Wimoweh . You'll enjoy several original tunes as The Pirate Song-The Rogue of Dundee. Want to hear a preview? Hyperlink to the Scribe and download the mp3 file for Pirate Song. http://www.faire.net/SCRIBE/archives/Music.Htm

Take a journey to Renaissance Faire FUN ! It's recreationally stimulating and educationally fascinating. Irresistable Enchantment. THANKS for Visiting my Site! Love Bubble around YOU…

Leza Mesiah, The Real Moor of Dundee Bard 343